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Secure and Reliable Over-The-Air Updates

Modern embedded systems need a reliable and secure way to deliver software updates remotely.

The Over-The-Air (OTA) Update Service built into Torizon provides this, reducing your time-to-market and the risk inherent in implementing or integrating this feature by yourself. It supports all levels of software, from the bootloader to the application. Torizon’s software container approach makes updating applications even easier.

In this Toradex Labs Project, we’ll give you insight into our current research and access to our proofs-of-concept. We appreciate any feedback you’d like to share with us. Based on your input, we may make major changes before releasing the Torizon Over-The-Air update service.


Power-cut tolerance / Atomic updates
High security
Cloud-based and on-premise update server options
All software layers updatable (bootloader, OS, applications)
Device management
Based on open technologies

Technologies under the hood

  • Git-like tool for files
  • Transactional upgrades and rollback
  • Can update single files
  • Static deltas
  • Reduced connection bandwidth
  • Device-side Update Client
  • Uptane-compliant
  • Secures all updates end-to-end
  • Communicates with server
  • Manages update process
  • Guarantees OTA integrity and confidentiality
  • Open and secure software update system design
  • Defacto standard for software updates in cars

Torizon is built as a modular system. It can be easily adjusted to your needs without the learning curve of the Yocto Project, and every part is updatable to keep your system secure. TorizonCore is a lightweight base system, that contains the Linux Kernel and basic services such as an Over-The-Air client and an optional container runtime. TorizonCore is open source.

  • Built with OpenEmbedded / Yocto
  • Optional docker container runtime
  • Open Source
  • Supports both mainline and downstream kernels
  • Based on Linux microPlatform
  • OSTree with Aktualizr OTA client
Application containers

Software containers are popular in the field of cloud computing. A container contains the applications and required software packages while sharing the kernel with the rest of the system. This allows for simpler application deployment and updates while increasing security.

  • Simpler Over-The-Air updates
  • Increased security
  • Small resource footprint, compared to virtual machines
  • Access to hardware accleration

Current Status

The Torizon OTA Update Service is still at its inception. Toradex Labs makes it possible for you to gain insight on how we plan to release this project once it has matured. We encourage you to test it and provide your feedback - but please note that the OTA architecture is prone to changes in this early phase.

Current Features
  • Easily provision devices
  • Nightly TorizonCore builds available for install
  • Device deployment of updates
  • Fleet deployment of updates
  • View Network info of devices

How to get involved

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