Torizon for Raspberry Pi and x86-64

Torizon Software Ecosystem going beyond Toradex Hardware

Raspberry Pi Torizon

Torizon is a software platform that simplifies the process of developing and maintaining embedded software. It allows you to configure the system for IoT/IIoT with over the air updates (OTA) quickly and easily, so you can focus on application development instead of Linux builds.

With Torizon for Raspberry Pi and x86-64 devices, we experiment with extending the Torizon ecosystem beyond Toradex SoMs.
This software is provided experimentally as-is. Users may self-onboard, self-support and/or work with an integration partner to evaluate Torizon for Raspberry Pi & x86-64 systems. Please share with us your feedback & any interest to use Torizon in your product.

Raspberry Pi 4 and/or generic x86-64 TorizonCore images (one-time experimental release)

Provisioning support (to allow devices to provision to the platform)

Basic installation instructions


Internal Research and Development


Very early public Alpha Release


Public beta


Stable Version

Feature support comparison (Torizon for Raspberry Pi & x86-64 vs Torizon for Toradex SoMs)

Torizon for RPi & x86-64
Torizon for Toradex SoMs
OTA Update service - TorizonCore  
OTA Update service - Application Containers
OTA Update service - Bootloader  
Device Monitoring
Long-term Hardware & BSP Support  
Free Technical Support  
Prebuilt TorizonCore Image
Quarterly Releases of TorizonCore  
Provisioning with Toradex Easy Installer  
Image customization with TorizonCore Builder  
Visual Studio Code Extension Support  
Torizon VS Code Extension v2 Support

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